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Strawberry-Kiwi YoPops
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4 frozen ripe bananas, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 kiwi peeled and sliced into 4 (1⁄4 inch) slices

1. Alternate inserting frozen bananas and frozen strawberries into Yonanas maker to create Strawberry Yonanas
2. Scoop strawberry mixture into a pastry bag with round tip or a freezer bag (If using a freezer bag cut tip of corner after filling with Yonanas)
3. Pipe Yonanas into Yonanapop molds filling 3⁄4 of the mold
4. Gentle tap filled Yonanapop molds on counter-top to release air bubbles
5. Insert sliced kiwi directly into each mold
6. Fill the rest of the molds with Strawberry Yonanas and place plastic sticks into molds
7. Freeze overnight
8. To release Yonanapops, tip the molds on its side and run the molds under warm water for 10 seconds and YoPops should remove easily